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Additional services to compliment Jancore's janitorial programs.

  • Carpet cleaning, van-mounted steam cleaning - We used to sub-contract this work, but found we could provide a quicker response and better end result if we owned the equipment and controlled the process.  Your facility's carpet might be just another job to a carpet cleaning company, but to us the relationship is vital. 
  • Pressure washing - We are experienced in pressure washing. At one point we even had a residential pressure washing & carpet cleaning division with many satisfied customers.
  • Tile & grout cleaning - state-of-the-art high pressure extraction process. Our process will clean your tile and get your grout back to the original equipment.
  • Emergency flood/water extraction - hopefully you never need this service, but we will be there quickly if you ever need us.
  • Window cleaning - another example of Jancore staying on the cutting edge of the latest developments in cleaning. We use a portable water filtration system to get your water to zero total dissolved solids.  With 0 TDS we can even leave your higher windows (up to 5 stories) clean and streak free.
  • Extreme high dusting - Jancore can dust your highest areas such as rafters and high ceilings where cob webs develop.
  • Light bulb replacement, including higher light fixtures.
  • Periodic AC filter replacement - one more thing that you won't have to think about.
  • Commercial upholstery cleaning - Jancore can keep your office furniture looking great with the occasional cleaning.
  • Soft washing - this is another cutting edge service that is great for cleaning the exterior of a facility. Its a low pressure, more chemically driven alternative to pressure washing.  Soft washing is a superior choice over pressure washing when it comes to most exterior sidings.
  • Stripping & waxing 
  • Floor burnishing/polishing - this is the key to maintaining your waxed floors. A proper high-speed burnishing program will cause the floor finish to last longer and stay shiny.
  • Textured floor cleaning - our high pressure extraction process is great for textured non-slip floor cleaning. This type floor covering can be challenging to maintain with traditional mopping or even with scrubbing machines.  Our process cleans the floor with a pressure system and then vacuums the dirty water out to our van-mounted recovery system.

Our Services


Jancore is built on long-term relationships with our customers & employees.  We build these relationships through the routine interaction of our janitorial programs.  Through the years we have acquired many resources that go beyond the normal cleaning tasks.  We rarely provide these services to anyone other than our on-going janitorial customers. This focus allows us to do the best job possible for those who are trusting us with their facilities.